Norwegian Gold Kids DHA

  • Supports Developing Minds*
  • Promotes Healthy Visual Function*
  • Vitamin D3 for Strong Bones*
  • Fruit Punch Flavor For No Fishy Aftertaste
  • For Kids Age 3+

Product Description

Norwegian Gold Kids DHA is a daily Omega-3 formula for kids ages 3+ that supports brain and eye health.*

DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid that comes from fish oil. DHA is concentrated in the brain and is considered to be essential in the proper growth and development of the brain, nervous system and retina to support optimal cognitive function. Between birth and five years of age, the human brain increases approximately 3.5 times in mass. It is important that children consume adequate amounts of DHA to continue to support this period of rapid brain and eye growth and development.*

Each Softgel Contains:

  • 3X more DHA than the leading kids DHA product – 200 mg per serving
  • 500 IU Vitamin D3 and astaxanthin antioxidant

Product Information

Supplement Facts